Analysis & Intervention

Violence against women is the result of a historically unequal balance of power between men and women. Conjugal violence is a social problem which reflects the socio-political and economic structure of a society.

We often hear about the distress, difficulties and the loss of control of the aggressive partner. In reality, acts which infringe on the freedom to act and the freedom to think and which forces or maintains women in a subordinate position are not the result of a loss of control of the aggressive partner but rather a taking of control and an assertion of their power over women.


Feminist intercultural intervention in MFI recognizes the factors which favor and maintain women in a victimized state. This type of intervention aims at social change as much as at individual change and encourages women to re-appropriate their personal and collective power and to act in accordance with them.

Counsellors work within a perspective of equality in relation to the women which promotes the sharing of information, knowledge and personal experiences.

Feminist intercultural intervention in MFI:

  • Respects women’s cultural values, faith, sexual orientation, comfort level and their decisions all the while taking a stand against violence against women and children.

  • Works with women without prejudice or judgement and in all confidentiality.

  • Believes in the strength and capacity of women and encourages them to develop their potential.

  • Develops solidarity between women, by the sharing of common experiences.

  • Works with women to develop a social consciousness of the oppression of women and to encourage their social implication.


Victimization: society has taught women to be victims; this brings a feeling of lack of freedom to be what we are and to do what we want because of the fear of being judged or reprimanded or assaulted or rejected.

Intercultural approach: A process of intervention which is based on respect for the person, for their vision of the world, for their value system and for their needs.