Violence against women

All around the world, women face various forms of violence: abortion of the female foetus, infanticides of girls, genital mutilation in the name of culture, murder in the name of honour, trafficking, sexual tourism, forced sterilization, murder because of the insufficiency of their dowry, rape, systematic rape as weapon of war, incest, sexual harassment, conjugal violence, etc.

Violence constitutes a violation of fundamental human rights and liberties. It restricts their personal freedom to act according to their desires and their needs and prevents them from fully participating in the social, political and economic life of their society.

In spite of the equality of men and women before the law, women still have no equal access to economic, political and ideological power. Women continue to be victims of various forms of violence because implicit social norms continue to resist official norms and maintain inequalities between the two sexes. These inequalities express themselves and are passed on by education, culture, religion and are often amplified by social and economic inequality.