Problem of conjugal violence and few statistics

More than any other form of violence, women worldwide continue to suffer because of conjugal violence. Conjugal violence is not a product of a particular political or economic system.  It transcends all social classes in all societies.

According to Statistics Canada women still represent 85 % of victims in reported cases of conjugal violence (Statistics Canada 2004).

In 1993, according to the same source, 50 % of women were victims of at least one physical or sexual act of violence from the age of 16 and on.  Furthermore, one woman out of four was assaulted physically or sexually by a current spouse or by a previous spouse.

In Quebec, since December 6th, 1989, 659 women and 182 children have died in a violent way at the hands of a male perpetrator. (Collectif masculin contre le sexisme, 24 octobre 2007)

According to the World Health Organization, about 70 % of women victims of homicide are killed by their male partner.