Volunteers play an important part of the everyday life of the women and children who stay at MFI. The contribution of volunteers allows the women and children residing in the shelter to have a better quality of life during their stay.

Voluntary work in the MFI takes various forms: helping to organise activities for children, having informal discussions with the residents over coffee or while helping women prepare supper, insuring a presence during the night in the shelter, accompanying women during organized activities, accompanying women in their search for longer term housing, or in regards to various other resources. The most important outcome of volunteering at MFI is the contact and cultural exchanges it allows between Quebecois and immigrant women.

The collaboration of volunteers is greatly appreciated in the MFI.

MFI offers a day of training for potenial volunteers.

  • If you are a woman and you want to get involved in the fight to improve the lives of immigrant and Quebecois women

  • If you believe that violence against women and children, whether physical, psychological, verbal, sexual or economic, has no place in our society,


And if you are interested in joining our work team as a volunteer, contact Martine or Émilie by phone at 652-9761 or by e-mail at mhfiq@bellnet.ca.