Consequences of conjugale violence

Conjugal violence has destructive effects on all aspects of the life of women who are victims and their children. It harms their physical and mental health, destroys their self confidence and their sense of effectiveness.

A large number of raped women suffer from nervous breakdowns, anxiety, general fatigue and insomnia. Conjugal violence is the cause of more serious injuries in women than road accidents, rape and theft combined.

Conjugal violence damages the personal and financial autonomy of women. It is among the important causes of incapacity and death in women in industrial nations as well as developing countries.

Conjugal violence is established gradually in the life of a couple. The aggressor can use different tactics to control his spouse and to exert his power. Conjugal violence can take various forms: physical, psychological, verbal, economic and sexual violence.

Conjugal violence manifests itself in a vicious cycle which is constantly renewed. The cycle repeats and each time the level of violence increases in frequency and intensity.